To work as a pilot is extremely attractive for the public, announces general partner siaf 2021 slovak training academy

To work as a pilot is extremely attractive for the public, announces general partner siaf 2021 slovak training academy


According to the current results of the Slovak Training Academy poll, more than 84 percent of respondents consider the work of a pilot to be attractive. Our aviation training center for pilots and maintenance will present its aircrafts and pilot skills at SIAF 2021 – International Aviation Festival over the weekend.

A survey commissioned by Slovak Training Academy shows that the profession of pilot is most attractive in the Košice region and its surroundings in the group of university-educated people (43%) and for people from households with a net income of more than 1,330 euros (38%). . The work of pilots also achieved a high degree of attractiveness in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants (71%). This also shows how the Košice region is, thanks to the activities of the Aviation Faculty of TUKE (formerly the Military Aviation School) and currently also thanks to the STA company, closely connected with the tradition of aviation training. “We are proud that thanks to our company and our professionally trained staff, the tradition of aviation training can continue in Košice. Our company is developing dynamically and on a European scale we have become a unique training center, which as the only civilian center on the old continent offers pilot courses for UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, “said Dominik Varga, COO of STA.

STA has more than 20 helicopters available from smaller ones – Schweizer and MD-500 to MD-530, to the aforementioned legendary “black hawks”. As the general partner of the International Aviation Days SIAF 2021, which will take place next weekend at the kitchen Kuchyňa near Malacky, the training center will present dynamic demonstrations of the MD-530 helicopter presented by the most experienced pilots of the aviation academy. The company also prepared a dynamic demonstration of the so-called fixed wings on the aircraft Pilatus PC-9M. A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter will be added as part of the static demonstration. “We look forward to presenting our capabilities at such an attractive event as SIAF. We believe that we will meet the expectations of the lay and professional public and show that we are ready to participate in the most demanding projects in the field of pilot training, “adds Varga.

Slovak Training Academy has been operating at the International Airport in Košice since October 2017 and closely cooperates with the Faculty of Aviation of the Technical University in Košice in the training of pilots, of which it is a general partner.

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