Slovak Training Academy in cooperation with volunteers from association Let’s Save Slanec Castle and the village of Slanec today took a motor from the cable car to the castle hill. After the repair, it will again serve the volunteers during the reconstruction of the castle. Aviation equipment and professional staff were provided free of charge by the private aviation academy STA based at Košice International Airport. “We are glad that in this way we can help the region in which we operate. At the same time, it is a good opportunity for us to show the public what our top pilots can do, ”says Dominik Varga, CEO of STA.

In 2012, archaeological research was carried out at Slanec Castle. A year later, the volunteers managed to roof the most distinctive feature of the castle, which is the tower “Do not be afraid”. In the future, it should serve as a lookout tower and offer breathtaking views of the Slanské vrchy, Tokaj and Zemplín. Every year, especially during the summer, they do a lot of work at the castle. “Slanec Castle is already a well-visited locality, especially during the pandemic, as it is located near Košice and the border with Hungary. So far, it is freely accessible, we still need a lot of time and work to close it, “says the mayor of Slanec, Jozef Bela.

At the end of last summer season, the volunteers broke down the engine from the cable car. Thus, they could not export the building material to the castle hill. The engine was repaired. However, they wondered how to safely get a load of about 250 kilograms back to the castle hill. “In our case, access to the castle is very limiting. Only a pedestrian walkway is built and allowed. We have to transport all the material to the castle by cable car. However, it also has its limits and the need for maintenance. Capacity can handle about 200 kg per elevator. So if you want to get up “only” a sand pit, you have three days to do if nothing goes wrong. In addition, the castle hill is in the 4th zone of nature protection, so exporting the cable car engine by helicopter is certainly more environmentally friendly than other risky forms of transport should be used, “says the mayor of Bela.

The team of STA specialists first connected the cable car’s motor to the steel ropes in accordance with all safety rules. The actual removal of the load was preceded by a thorough aerial and ground inspection of the terrain. The experienced pilot then lifted the engine using an Ecureuil helicopter and transferred it to the castle hill outside the built-up area of ​​the village. “Implementation has not been easy. The terrain on the castle hill is rugged, there are two high castle bastions nearby. However, our air and ground staff are well trained for similar situations. We are glad that we managed to safely transfer the engine to its destination. Our company has long declared that it is willing to help and provide aircraft, for example, in dealing with emergencies such as floods, fires or evacuation of people, “concludes STA expert Lukáš Halás.

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