We combine modern aviation technology with years of experience of our pilots, aviation instructors and technicians, with more than 12 years of history in providing aviation services.


We offer a wide range of aviation training programs for civilian and defense industry customers. We operate an ever-expanding fleet that covers all phases of the training and provides the best conditions for starting successful career in aviation. At the Slovak Training Academy, thanks to our experienced instructors, we can train a student with zero experience up to the level of a pilot ready to deploy in missions.


The training packages are tailored to each client needs - from basic pilot training to advanced and tactical training along with maintenance courses. STA is also the first civilian operator of UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters in Europe. In total our fleet counts more than 22 helicopters type S-300, MD500, MD530, Bell-206 or AS355N.



Slovak Training Academy is a dynamically developing company with professional team of experienced instructors and pilots. We train rotary and fixed wing pilots and mechanics. We prepare our students for real situations that they will face as pilots during the performance of their profession or missions.

With an international team of experienced instructors, mechanics, ground staff and project managers, we run a training center in the heart of Europe, which is also the first civilian operator in Europe of four UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters.  



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